Databases Designer databases designer We have team of databases designers, so we can turn around your development with few days to 1 week. Large scale jobs could take longer, this depends on your requirements.

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Databases Designer

Welcome to Databases Designer.

We have team of databases designers, so we can turn around your development with few days to 1 week. Large scale jobs could take longer, this depends on your requirements.

  1. Saves on input time;
  2. Analyses information effectively;
  3. Produces value-added output.

Databases Designer Key points are

  • No existing or additional software required.
  • Self-contained bespoke application.
  • Fully network-able.
  • Rapid development.
  • Technical updates to software supplied free of charge.
  • Additional requests (ad hoc reports, etc) always considered & developed at reasonable cost.
  • Smart & easy-to-use interface � minimal training required, if at all.
  • Data captured (where possible) & pre-input into new system.
  • Full support given.

Databases Designer Projects

  • OMR Evaluation
    • Imports data files generated by Optical Mark Readers after scanning sheets & displays results for modification then produces a wide variety of statistical reports based on the data.  Ad-hoc reports added at client�s request.

  • Student Academic Accreditation System (+ Satellite Version)
    • Provides a database of (over 1500) Academic �Units� from which tutors select relevant studies for their students.
    • Fully searchable database; reports include in-built full-colour Certificates.  Tracks student progress over several years.
    • Client (satellite) version distributable to schools/colleges (some 30 clients thus far).
  • A Financial Management System
    • A simple but effective business management tool to enable Financial Advisers to manage client products & calculate commissions for agents etc.

  • Farm Records Management System (aka LMeNTRY)
    • A complete system for Government Agricultural Legislation record-keeping.
    • This was a several-year comprehensive system of software licensed to several hundred farmers throughout the UK.
    • Application discontinued due to withdrawal of government incentive schemes: That was 4 years of my life gone for nothing.
  • Expenditure Records, Budgets & Logging System
    • Logs day-to-day expenditure within various budgets & produces customized reports.
    • This was developed from an existing Excel multi-book spreadsheet & may be easily modified to accommodate similar systems).
  • Aptitude/Careers Profiler
    • Client: [Potentially] schools/colleges.
    • A multi-user system - students progress through various internally-timed recognised �aptitude� tests; the results are then collated to produce a potential career direction/profile.
  • Residential Property Management System
    • Client: RPMS Agents.
    • As I am secretary/director of a RPMC, this is being developed to overview the entire management process.
  • Personnel / Expenditure / Tuition / Sickness / Timetables / Etc �
    • A comprehensive office management system written for Northumberland County Music Service, logs all relevant tutor teaching information & produces statistics, etc.  Exports data to Excel which then feeds into their Oracle system.
  • Easy Report Writer
    • A| system for instrumental teachers which allows them to select pre-written statements which then merges student detail into a comprehensive report.  I think they want to market this one to LEAs in the UK.
  • Egyptology Database for Hancock Museum (Newcastle upon Tyne)
    • Stores Egyptian artefact detail along with photo/video media & e-links + conservations/autopsies/exhibitions etc.
  • Sudoku Solver
    • Written as an exercise in programming: Uses all known standard techniques up to the point of guess-work.

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